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How many times in a week do you put things off?
How many times do you say to yourself "I'll do that tomorrow…next week… when I have more time"?






The problem is when it’s time to do the work, the task never gets done.

No worries, we have just the right excuse for the situation. Let's go with the old "I was going to do it today but, I just don't have time".
And this is how we fail to meet our goal(s).
And here we have a procrastination a problem.
But what stops us from moving forward?
What’s causing this procrastination?
What stops us from doing what we feel needs to be done??
Here are a couple of reasons I feel the causes of procrastination are:
1) Anxiety:
You may feel there is a threat to your self-esteem if you go ahead.
If you have been trying to get in shape by eating “better” and working out; you will be sick and tired of failing to achieve your goal.
You start to feel anxious so you avoid preparing as you think "what is the point?; I am going to fail at this anyway, I have failed at everything else I have tried."
Even though you feel better because you are avoiding the feelings of anxiety by avoiding the task, you are making the problem worse in the long term; and sabotaging yourself from achieving what you say you want to achieve.
There is also the anxiety that comes with threatening your attachment to food; food is meeting a need that you have.
Your brain has made that association, e.g. "I need food when I am stressed", "food is my friend, it is comforting and calming", If you threaten this, without being aware of it, you’ll get anxious and sabotage yourself.
2) Low Frustration Tolerance (LFT):
This is whereby you think the pain of doing the task is not worth the gain from doing it.
If you have been trying diets for years you will be frustrated and fed up with the deprivation, restrictions, constant exercise, calorie counting, shame, guilt; so despite wanting to overcome emotional eating, you avoid doing what is needed.
Again you may feel like you are making your life easier by avoiding the difficult side of it, but in the long run, you are making your life more difficult and creating more problems.
3) Rebellion:
This is when you want to get back at someone and thus delay the task. Maybe someone is always making comments about your eating, or your body shape, and maybe by staying like this, you can punish them in some way.
Our body shape sometimes can do something that we feel is positive, maybe protect us in some way. So changing it can feel like a threat too; we don't want to sacrifice that payoff.
Whatever the reason for your procrastination, it‘s crucial you find the answer to the earlier question, "what is stopping me from doing what needs to be done?"
A very useful way to find out what is going on is to establish what thoughts you are associating with the task.
I truly believe:
What we think and believe is responsible for us failing or succeeding
So if you want to beat procrastination, figure out what’s going on in your head.
The key is understanding our behavior and emotions is to identify what we are thinking about different issues in our lives.
When we know what we are thinking and really feeling we can make efforts to change it so that we can change our emotional and behavioral responses.
So to deal with your procrastination first look at the emotional aspects of it. Find out what’s going on for you in relation to the task.

What are the thoughts and feelings that are maintaining your procrastination?
What attachment might be threatened by changing?
What is stopping you from making the changes you need?
What are you gaining by staying like this?
Without an understanding what’s going on in your mind, no action plan is going to work, because those thoughts, beliefs or emotional aspects attached to the task will consistently reappear to sabotage your efforts again and again.
Don't put off potentially changing your entire life any longer…..
Keep Moving,
Dan Salazar
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